I am very lucky to live and work in a pretty little village in The Cotswolds just on the border of Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. I adore the countryside and it's a welcome change from growing up in busy Oxford. Fresh air, starry nights and plenty of wildlife - I couldn't really ask for more.


I have been an Artist for as long as I can remember, in fact one of my very first memories is sitting on the living room carpet obsessively drawing 'Marie' from The Aristocats and needing to rewatch the film over and over so I could get her expression just right. My defaced school books and bags were also testament to my constant need to connect pencil to whatever kind of canvas I could find.

Along with my love of art there is my love of animals. I have adored animals all my life and was lucky enough to come from a family with a lot of pets.  As a child I was certain I was going to be a Disney Illustrator, an Artist or a Vet when I grew up! 

I am always doing what I cannot do yet in order to learn how to do it
— Vincent van Gogh


This is Coco, my enormous rescue cat. He's the fluffiest member of our family and loves 'helping' me draw by chasing my pencil as I sketch. He lives with me, my husband, our two children and our snake. Oh and we also have four ex-battery hens.  Life can be pretty full-on in our household raising two small children and there's never enough hours in the day (or night)....but it's certainly never dull.

I have never formally studied Fine Art, in fact I studied Psychology followed by Management Studies whilst continuing to sketch privately.

Always feeling unfulfilled and misplaced in the workplace I made the decision to focus on my true calling and devote my life to art and living creatively. Since then I have never felt happier, more content and finally feel like my true self.


The majority of my commission work is animal portraiture. Colour is a big addiction of mine and I use it to bring out the personalities and characters of the animals I draw and paint. Vibrant colour excites me greatly. When I think about colour my head bursts with ideas and there are many different techniques I want to explore. I like to mix methods and materials to create new and interesting fusions. In essence, colour makes me manic and grey calms my soul and both are essential ingredients in my work. I love nothing more than picking up my graphite pencils or charcoal sticks and creating very detailed delicate drawings using just light and shade. This after all was what I fell in love with in the very beginning.